Cobalt Motor Fader Wing 20


Previously used unit

Includes 90 day warranty.

When you need to work responsively in fast-paced environments, the Cobalt Motorized Fader Wings are there to provide quick, hands-on control. The wings act as live playback surfaces for ETCnomad®, ETCnomad Puck® lighting systems, Cobalt 20, Cobalt 10 and Congo jr powered by Cobalt consoles, Remote Video Interfaces, or Cobalt Light Servers. VESA-mountable and small enough to carry with you on the road, Motorized Fader Wings give you full, on-the-fly control anywhere you go.

The wing uses the familiar Masters layouts of the Cobalt 20 and Cobalt 10. The Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing 20 offers four full-color displays, 20 motorized master fader pairs and 20 backlit endless potentiometers, while its smaller counterpart offers two displays with ten fader pairs and ten endless pots.

Motorized Fader Wings can be used in conjunction with the Cobalt Programming Wing to create a comprehensive portable work surface for your ETCnomad or remote station.   


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