ETC Wireless Charger UV-C

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Now: $20.00
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*Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria & viruses with UV-C sterilizing light

*Uses 2 UV germicidal LEDs with wavelength at 265nm for optimal sterilization

*Two sanitizing modes: Quick clean (90 sec) or Deep clean (5 min)

*Large sterilizing chamber: 7.09” L x 3.50” W x 1.44” H, fits large phones (iPhone 11 Pro Max), sunglasses/eyeglasses, CPAP masks, keys, no-touch tools, credit cards, smaller remotes, & other compact hard items

*Sterilization stops automatically once lid is lifted to avoid UV light exposure

*5W wireless charger built into lid works with most plastic phone cases.

*Includes a 39" USB to Type C charging cable

*Material is double wall plastic