FXTR DLHD - High Definition Digital Light

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Fixture Overview

The DLHD (High Definition Digital Light) fixture merges video projection and automated lighting technologies with a DMX controllable digital media server housed in a moving yoke fixture. The built-in 32-bit Graphics Engine utilizes Windows XP Embedded and DirectX application programming interface to provide extensive image control of multiple 3-D graphic objects.

DLHD fixtures use the DMX512 protocol to control hardware functions like pan, tilt, as well as graphic control of the internal media server. Media control functions include loading images and movies and mapping them onto 3-D graphical objects. The internal graphics engine lets you manipulate position, scale, and rotation; apply visual effects and color mix each graphic object. You can create and control up to nine of these objects and then apply global effects to the composite image. A DLHD fixture provides an extensive library of over 1500 high-resolution lighting-optimized video and still images.

The Collage Generator™ feature allows you to create seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections using multiple Axon, AxonHD, DL.3 and DLHD units controlled from a lighting console. Using multiple digital lighting fixtures allows you to increase effective screen luminance.

The Content Management Application (CMA) software runs on your workstation or laptop computer and communicates with other DLHD fixtures as well as DL.3 fixtures and Axon media servers over an Ethernet network. The CMA lets you remotely upload, move and clone content files, configure fixtures, and upgrade software. It also provides tools for resource monitoring and the capability for downloading log files to assist customer service in diagnosing any software issues that may arise.

Additional Features

  • 7000 ANSI lumens output
  • 2200:1 Contrast Ratio creates exceptional video black
  • HD-SDI connection
  • Accessory Long Throw (2.4 - 4.3:1), Ultra Long Throw (4.3-6:1), and Wide Angle (1.3- 1.8:1) Zoom lenses are available to maximize fixture positioning options.
  • Vertical lens shift capability reduces pixel loss due to keystone correction 
  • A royalty-free stock digital art collection features more than 1,700 lighting-optimized files.