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Previously used unit

Includes 90 day warranty.


Sensor power control modules are designed for use in all SR3 modular enclosures. Whether you need forward-phase or reverse-phase SCR dimming, relay control, or the flexible control of our ThruPower modules, Sensor has you covered.  Most modules provide two circuits of control for a wide range of applications. All modules feature modular installation and removal, fully magnetic circuit breakers, and rock-solid construction.

Modules are AF (Advanced Features sensing). When AF modules are used with a CEM+ (Control Electronics Module) the system becomes so powerful it can tell you if a lamp has burned out or if there is a problem with a dimmer. The CEM+ receives and manages Ethernet control signals as well as two DMX512 inputs. It controls dimmer output and gives feedback information to compatible lighting control devices and network peripherals. 128 programmable presets, set dimmer curve, and even set air filter cleaning reminder.


  • Available to control incandescent loads
  • 50A module at 120V
  • Fully-rated magnetic breakers
  • 800µs risetime
  • Short Circuit Current Ratings up to 100,000A
What is the warranty on Factory Clearance items?

All Factory Clearance items come with a 90-day warranty.

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