Cobalt 20 4096 outputs

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Full-featured console for control of conventional and moving lights, media servers and LEDs with built-in, articulating, high-resolution multi-touch displays, backlit command keypad, keyboard tray, 40 hands-on multipurpose masters (20 motorized faders + 20 endless backlit pototentiometers), preset operation, main crossfader playback and full network capabilities, including backup and multi-console operation.


• 4,096 base and up to 16,384 outputs/parameters (32 universes of DMX512A)

• 5000 control channels (nameable up to 9999)

• Partitioned control

• Main playback crossfader pair for theatrical-style sequence with split spring-loaded rate controls

• 40 Master Playbacks consisting of 20 motorized master faders plus 20 backlit endless potentiometers; full-color displays

• Two 17.3” multi-touch LCD touchscreens for display, direct selection and context-sensitive control

• Four encoders with wheel keys

• Backlit command keypad

• Built-in keyboard drawer

• High-density channel display with formats for channel sorting

• Channel layouts for topographical views of channels and other show data

• Live attributes display for spreadsheet view of devices

• List views and editors for presets, groups, palettes, sequences, chase, dynamic, content and image effects

• Integrated electronic manual and help system

• Integral alpha keyboard for labeling

• MIDI in/out

• ETCNet2, Net3/ACN, sACN, ArtNet Ethernet protocols

• RDM via local DMX ports and Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways

• Show import via ASCII (Avab Safari, Expert, Pronto, Presto, ETC Expression®, Express™, Strand 500)

• Support for multiple languages, including English, German, Swedish, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian