High End Axon HD Pro

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Includes 90 day warranty.

Axon HD is a rack mounted unit housing a Digital Media Server. The built-in 32-bit Graphics Engine software utilizes Windows 7 Embedded and DirectX application programming interface to provide extensive image control of up to three 3-D graphic objects. 
Axon HD media servers use standard DMX512 protocol to control digital media allowing you to position, scale, rotate, apply visual effects and color mix graphic objects. You can define up to10 of these objects and then apply global effects to the composite image.
Axon HD Pro media servers offer the same features as the Axon HD model pluse four outputs instead of one and Live Video support. The Content Management Application (CMA) operates on Axon and allows you to upload, move and clone content files, configure fixtures, and upgrade software. You can monitor performance metrics and downlog log files when required for support. Using the CMA, you canalso perform the same functions remotely on multiple media servers over an Ethernet network