High End Solaspot 2000

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Includes 90 day warranty.

Powered by a 600-watt Bright White LED source delivering 26,000 lumens, the SolaSpot 2000 sports output suitable for larger performance applications. The fixture offers pure white, gorgeous colors and a large complement of effects. Available in Ultra-Bright and High CRI versions, the SolaSpot 2000 offers complete creative freedom and unprecedented control. 

SolaSpot 2000 includes two rotating gobo wheels, two fully retractable Animation wheels, two rotating prisms, iris and light frost, a fixed color wheel plus CMY + CTO color mixing. Specially designed long throw optics allow sharp focus throughout the entirety of the 8 to 45 degree zoom range, making the fixture perfect for use on large scale shows.

Product Features

  • White LED Engine
  • 600 W Ultra-Bright engine produces 26,000 lumens
  • CMY / CTO - Linear color mixing system
  • Six + open position replaceable Color Wheel
  • Iris
  • Light Frost
  • Two rotating Prisms
  • 7°–47° Zoom
  • Two, Six position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheels
  • Two continuously Variable Animation Wheels
  • TM30 Filter Boosts Ultra-Bright Engine to 85+ CRI
  • Patented Lens Defogger

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