Lustr SL3 LED Fixture 11

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Lustr SL3 11" LED Fixture


The Selador Series high power Lustr is ideal for stage and studio lighting as a key or fill light as well as stage washes. It produces the subtle tinted colors that lighting designers love. It produces the entire CCT range of white light and the subtly tinted colors that lighting designers love. The x7 Color System illuminates skin tones and renders objects more like conventional tungsten and gel color sources but does not give up Selador Series’ unique ability to produce deep, vibrantly saturated color.


  • Theaters
  • TV/Film Studios
  • Houses of worship
  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Schools


  • 2.5W color-mixing LED fixture
  • Available in 11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” lengths
  • ETL rated for indoor dry location use


  • Rugged all-metal extruded housing
  • Advanced thermal management systems for long LED life
  • Easy-access slots for secondary lenses
  • Combine secondary lenses for desired horizontal and vertical beam spread
  • Available in black (standard) and silver (special order)
  • Yoke (11” and 21” only), trunnion (floor stand), and hanging bracket mounting options


  • 100 VAC to 240 V 50/60 Hz universal power input
  • Neutrik PowerCon input connector
  • 5 ft power lead (parallel-blade, U-ground) supplied (see page 1 for input connector options)
  • Requires power from non-dim source
  • Low-speed, low-noise cooling fan for thermal stability LED
  • 50,000 hr. LED life
  • 40 Luxeon Rebel 2.5 W LED emitters per cell


  • Exclusive x7 Color System 7-color LED array
  • Lustr – optimized for the best whites and tints
  • Color rendering as high as 90 CRI
  • Interacts seamlessly with conventional sources
  • Achieve natural-looking 3200 K – or any other Correlated Color Temperature white light from 800 K to 20,000 K
  • Beautifully illuminates skin tones and other objects, for a natural appearance with high color rendering


  • Native tight beam spread of approximately 26°
  • Secondary lenses install in fixture front to change distribution of light
  • Use a combination of vertical and horizontal lenses to spread light both directions
  • Lenses must be ordered separately
  • Refer to accessories for lenses available


  • DMX512 in and thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
  • 8 channel control (7 color plus intensity)
  • Intensity channel minimizes color shift during dimming
  • 15-bit internal control for smooth low-end dimming
  • 11” fixture provides 1 controlled cell


  • Ambient operating temperature of 1°–43° C (34°–104° F)
  • Fixture case can become extremely hot (approx. 85° C) under long-term, high-output, continuous usage
  • Fixture is designed for continuous usage at 40° C ambient temperature. Requires free air flow around fixture
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