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Includes 90 day warranty. 


ETC’s Desire Series D40XT Studio lighting fixture puts the newest technology in high-output white-light LEDs into a sealed IP66 outdoor-rated enclosure to create an ideal luminaire for video, film and other ‘white light only’ applications. Its watertight construction makes it ideal for location lighting. Three different LED options give the user a choice for just the right white light output for the job. The D40XT Studio offers a rugged die-cast enclosure; noiseless, no fan cooling; multiple lens options and advanced user interface. The user interface enables easy configuration and specific features for video and film professionals. The fixture can be configured to operate under console control for studio systems or in stand-alone ‘no console required’ settings.

No accessories or lensing included.

D40XT Studio LED Array Options

  • D40XT Studio Daylight – Studio Daylight contains forty 5600 K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable cool-white output.
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